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Our Vision: More valuable data for Australian research

ANDS is enabling the transformation of:

Data that are: to Structured Collections
that are:
Unmanaged Managed
Disconnected Connected
Invisible Findable
Single-use Reusable


Australian Research Data Commons
ANDS is building the Australian Research Data Commons: a cohesive collection of research resources from all research institutions, to make better use of Australia's research data outputs.

Research Data Australia
Research Data Australia, ANDS’ flagship service, provides a comprehensive window into the Australian Research Data Commons. It is an Internet-based discovery service designed to provide rich connections between data, projects, researchers and institutions, and promote visibility of Australian research data collections in search engines.

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ANDS is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Program.

The ANDS Members are:

Open data and the Future of Science - Webinar with Prof Geoffrey Boulton

Wed June 17th, 12pm - 1pm Register Hear more about Prof Boulton's views on open data and how it can be achieved, as well as this groundbreaking Report, and its 6 key areas for action. Prof Boulton is the president of CODATA

ORCID webinars

ANDS and CAUL are joint sponsoring two ORCID webinars
June 25: ORCID at HKBU with Christopher Chan Register
July 1: ORCID at Oxford with Sally Rumsey Register


Open Research Data report

New report "Open Research Data" shows potential value of open research data to the Australian economy is in the billions

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