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AusGOAL Guide

This basic Guide to the Australian Government Open Access and Licensing Framework (AusGOAL) outlines the framework, explains the license review process and discusses licenses and data.

It is relevant to those who deal with information and data that :

  • is being,
  • or has been, made available for use and reuse by people other than the original creators of the information.

This might include researchers, repository managers, and users who access and use information and data created by others.

Key messages:

  • AusGOAL is a framework by which information providers can make appropriate licensing decisions that enable the reuse of information by the wider community.
  • Licences can usually be applied to data if it passes a creativity threshold
  • Adding clear licenses to information and data ensures that subsequent users of this information are also clear as to what they are able to do to with, and in which ways they are able to reuse this information and data.
  • By going through a licensing review, designed to limit risk when licensing information for reuse, information owners can quickly and easily determine the appropriate licence under which they wish to release information.
  • The AusGOAL suite of licences currently contains the six Creative Commons (CC) licences and the AusGOAL Restrictive Licence template (RL)

AusGOAL Guide