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Copyright, data and licensing


Copyright data and licensing Guide

Copyright provides an exclusive right to the copyright holder to reproduce, publish, adapt, communicate or perform a work.

If you are the copyright holder and you do not license your research outputs (e.g. your data), no-one else can use it. In Australia, no license is regarded as the same as 'all rights reserved', confining any reuse to very limited circumstances.

This basic Guide introduces

  • Copyright and the research sector
  • Copyright basics
  • Obtaining permission from a copyright holder
  • Copyright and data
  • Use of a copyright licence
  • No copyright
  • Creative Commons - Public Domain Mark
  • A no known rights statement
  • Moral rights

Key messages:

  • A dataset may attract copyright protection if it meets certain threshold criteria. On that basis, significant quantities of research data will attract copyright protection.
  • Since the output of most research is intended for reuse, it is recommended that a licence, such as a Creative Commons Attribution licence, be applied to make that intention explicit.
  • Should the data not meet the threshold criteria for copyright, no harm will arise from the application of a Creative Commons Licence. It will still serve as a way to make known how you would like to be attributed, in addition to applying a limitation of liability and warranty clause to the data.

Copyright data and licensing Guide