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Data citation


Data citation refers to the practice of providing a reference to data in the same way as researchers routinely provide a bibliographic reference to other scholarly resources. While data has often been shared in the past, it was seldom cited in the same way as journal articles or other publications.  This culture is, however, rapidly changing.

Key messages

  • Data is increasingly being recognised as a primary research output
  • Many journal publishers now encourage or require citation of research data
  • There is a global network of discipline and institutional data repositories where research data collections are described with a preformatted citation statement provided
  • Only cited data can be counted and tracked (in a similar manner to journal articles) to measure impact
  • A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) may be assigned to data in the same way as journal articles
  • Data citation information may soon be incorporated into practices for research evaluation and reward
  • Some bibliographic management systems now include a template for research data citations.

The Guide covers

  • What do we mean by data citation?
  • Did you know...?
  • How do you cite data?
    • Data citation styles and formats
    • Data citation for data repositories
    • Journals and data citation
    • Data citation elements for repository managers
  • Why include a DOI in data citations?
  • How do you count data citations?
  • Connecting data and related citations
  • Implementing data citation at institutions
  • ANDS services for data citation