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#dataimpact campaign


ANDS is working with the research data community to showcase the real-life impact of what you do.

All around Australia, researchers and institutions are running innovative data projects that support research and discovery. The #dataimpact campaign is all about showing off these projects.

We want your stories!

We are looking for research data projects that have led to tangible benefits for Australia. This could be, for example:

  • Microscope mansaving lives: has the research data you have collected, managed or shared led to improved health outcomes, safer streets or quicker emergency response times?
  • protecting our environment and wildlife: has it helped increase the population of a particular species, saved water usage or improved air quality?
  • supporting the economy: has your data helped boost local business, saved money or perhaps led to new industrial investment?
  • influencing public policy: has your project directly or indirectly resulted in a policy change at a local, state or national level?

There are endless ways that research data can benefit Australia and Australians. We are seeking projects that have led to a measurable impact – particularly if that impact can be evidenced.

Why #dataimpact?

fishResearch in itself is a good thing, and not all research data will lead to measureable real-life impacts (at least, not in the short-term).

The collection of Australia's Open Research Data posters throughout 2015 was a great way of showing the variety of research data projects undertaken and their value to the nation.

Building on that success, the research data community can further demonstrate the value of research data to the wider community through the #dataimpact campaign.

ANDS will be showcasing data impact stories on social media, on our website and in the ANDS News e-newsletter. We know there are lots of great stories out there –  let's find them!

How you can support the campaign

  1. Send us your stories using the form below - and encourage others to do the same.
  2. Help promote the value of data impact on social media, using the hashtag #dataimpact.
  3. Sign up to the ANDS News e-newsletter to get the latest news about the campaign.

Let's work together to show off the value of Australian research data!

Submit your data impact story

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Please tell us the title or main purpose of the research or project that has made a real-life data impact, with a sentence or two to describe it if necessary. Don't worry about including too many details - we will ask for more information if we need it.
Please tell us about the real-life data impact in 150 words or less. What difference has it made to Australia? What evidence is there that it has made a genuine impact?
If you have a direct website link to more information about this research or project, please let us know so we can take a look.
Stories are told better with accompanying images. If you have a suitable image related to the research or project that we can use alongside it, please upload it here.
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By submitting this form you understand that ANDS may publish your data impact story in our own communications. This may include our website, ANDS News e-newsletter and Share magazine newsletter.

ANDS is always responsible with third-party information. We will only ever use your data impact stories to help promote the work of the research data community and will give full credit where appropriate.If you have any questions or comments about the #dataimpact campaign, please email