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Webinars: Heath and Medical


Health and medical data: 3 short lunchtime webinars in May 2017

ANDS will be hosting a series of three short 30 minutes lunchtime webinars which aim to support better management and publication of Health and Medical data.

These webinars will be recorded. If you can not attend please register and we will send you the recording and handout links.

Who would benefit from attending?

  • Medical librarians
  • Researchers
    • Medical Research Institutes
    • Universities
    • Clinician researchers at hospitals
  • Research students (honours, Masters, PhD)

#1 Health and medical data: Funders and publishers

Tue 9 May, 12:30pm-1pm AEST Register

#2 Health and medical data: Storing and publishing health and medical data

Tue 16 May, 12:30pm-1pm AEST Register

  • Kate LeMay (ANDS) will cover storage and repository options for health and medical data including: institutional, discipline, non-specific repositories. Research Data Australia Medical and Health datasets:
  • Dr Jeff Christiansen (QCIF) will introduce, a national facility to provide petabyte-scale research data storage, and related high-speed networked computational services, to Australian medical and health research organisations.

#3 Health and medical data: Ethics, legal issues and data sharing

Tue 23 May, 12:30pm-1pm AEST Register

  • Legal issues and data sharing
    The legal framework around privacy in Australia is complex and differs between states. Many Acts regulate the collection, use, disclosure and handling of private data. Speakers: Phoebe Macleod and Amandine Philippart De Foy from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.
  • Ethics and data sharing
    Informed consent by research participants is essential for the collection, use and sharing of sensitive data. Storage, access, de-identification and plans for sharing are very important considerations.

    Speaker: Dr Conor Brophy, Chair of Mater Misericordiae Ltd Human Research Ethics Committee, Adjunct Professor, QUT Chairperson UHREC, and Senior Lecturer UQ, will discuss planning for data sharing in ethics applications.

Contact for more information.