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Research data ‘critical’ to the mining industry


Research data has long been integral to mineral exploration in Australia.

Dr Tim Rawling, Acting CEO of AuScope – the national provider of research infrastructure to support Australian earth and geospatial research – says robust data is a crucial asset.

“Availability, discoverability and quality of geoscience data is increasingly critical to the mineral exploration industry. Geologists and geophysicists in the field, and in exploration offices around the world, rely on a variety of datasets to plan and develop campaigns,” says Dr Rawling.

“This is never more critical than now, with explorers able to undertake sophisticated analysis and inversion of data remotely using cloud based services.”

Innovation in geoscience has also brought success to a team of researchers at Curtin University (as featured in Share issue 24). The University’s Digital Mineral Major Open Data Collection project transformed geophysical samples into digital datasets – and the team was subsequently awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award for its work.

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