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Technical updates


Release 20 (August 2016)

Release 20 of ANDS Online Services is scheduled for implementation early August 2016. This release implements a completely new logging, analysis and reporting infrastructure for ANDS systems and a number of Research Data Australia (RDA), Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) and Tools bug fixes and enhancement requests received through the ANDS Service Desk.

Research Data Australia

  • Logging and Reporting:
    • Implementation of ELK stack to support logging and reporting activities
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Remove RDA Help Text from page template and load on demand to improve Google indexing of RDA pages
    • Develop a Googlebot version of RDA pages
  • Record view page:
    • Implement a printable version of an RDA view page
    • Update the display of citationMetadata identifiers as hyperlinks where possible
    • Fix the display of RDA theme page badge for 'open data' tagged datasets
    • Revisit the logic for creating resolvable links for supported identifiers in RDA
  • Search
    • Update '_text_" field in Search to 'fulltext'

Research Vocabularies Australia

  • Fix alignment of RVA portal My Vocabs headings.


  • DOI Broken Link Tool: Exclude deactivated DOIs when checking broken links.
  • RDA Broken Link Tool: Ignore leading or trailing space(s) in the URL/URI.

For any comments or questions, please email Thank you.

Release 19 (13 April 2016)

ANDS Software Release 19 has been successfully completed with changes to the following services:

  • Research Data Australia
  • ANDS Collections Registry
  • Cite My Data (DOI) service
  • Identify My Data (PIDS) service
  • Research Vocabularies Australia

See ANDS Software - Release 19 page for more information about this release.

Previous updates

Older technical updates are still available on the ANDS documentation pages.

RIF-CS schema updates are available at the RIF-CS schema change news page.

Comments and questions about technical updates should be directed to