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ANDS Collections Registry


The ANDS Collections Registry (Register My Data) allows automatic (through the Harvester) and manual publication (using the RDA manual entry screens) of datasets and collections descriptions with rich metadata in Research Data Australia, enabling better discovery by the wider research community.

This is a free service available to all Australian research institutions and universities, and government agencies.

It enables the harvesting and management of metadata records describing research collections and the activities, parties and services which relate to collections. This information is then publically exposed through  a search and discovery portal called Research Data Australia (RDA).

Typical collections can include:

  • datasets from observations, investigations, instruments, surveys, etc.
  • recordings
  • images
  • video
  • software
  • text

ANDS registers the description of collections; ANDS does not store the collection itself. You retain control over access to items in the collection. Any special access considerations can be included in your collection description.

How can I access the ANDS Collections Registry?

To arrange to speak to ANDS about publishing collections to RDA via the ANDS Collections Registry, please