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ANDS Collections Registry


The ANDS Collections Registry (Register My Data) allows automatic (through the Harvester) and manual publication (using the RDA manual entry screens) of datasets and collections descriptions with rich metadata in Research Data Australia, enabling better discovery by the wider research community. 

This is a free service available to all Australian research institutions and universities, and government agencies.

Access and authentication

  • Users must have a valid Australian Access Federation (AAF) account in order to login to the ANDS Collections Registry and use the Register My Data service. (Find out how to get an AAF account)
  • Although everyone with AAF account can login to the ANDS Collections Registry, a user must have a proper access role (data source administrator) defined and a  data source account  in order to start manually creating a record or harvesting records from the organisation's repository. The  Getting an ANDS Online Services account  page explains how to register a data source, a new organisation or a request for a data source administrator role.
  • A production agreement form (PDF, 0.09 MB) must be signed by the institution's authorised signatory, preferably someone of higher authority (ie project director, project manager) before any collection description can be published in Research Data Australia production environment. 
  • An agreement is not necessary when requesting access to the ANDS Collections Registry Demo environment. However, a valid AAF account, data source administrator role, data source and organisation must exist in Demo for testing, training or demonstration purposes.
  • Records (collections, parties, activities and services) must be ingested into the ANDS Collections Registry before they can be published in Research Data Australia.

Ways of using this service

The ANDS Collections Registry is used as:

ANDS Collections Registry (production)

Demonstration environment

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