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23 (research data) Things


23 (research data) Things is self-directed learning for anybody who wants to know more about research data.

If you are a person who cares for, and about, research data and want to fill in some gaps, learn more or find out what others are thinking, then this may be for you!

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26-30 Sep - Thing 22: What's in a name?

Learn about the key players in Australia’s research data management ecosystem and how these players combine to make generation, management and publication of big data possible.

  • Getting started: sample some acronym soup
  • Learn more: it doesn’t get much bigger than a telescope which is a square kilometre big!
  • Challenge me: explore some virtual laboratories and continental maps

Data Communities is our last Thing-Group

Repurposing 23 (research data) Things

  • Top 10 Health and Medical Things is an opportunity to explore issues surrounding management of research data, specifically for people working with medical, clinical and health    data.
  • 23 (research data) Things re-purpose toolkit is now available. You can:
    • adapt it for your situation
    • adopt it as suggested training for all staff
    • contextualise it for your discipline
    • extend or contract it to meet your specific research data knowledge needs.

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