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23 (research data) Things


What is 23 (research data) Things?

23 (research data) Things is self-directed learning for anybody who wants to know more about research data.

If you are a person who cares for, and about, research data and want to fill in some gaps, learn more or find out what others are thinking, then this may be for you!

The 2016 program is drawing to a close

Celebrate with us! Enjoy some 23 (research data) Things highlights on our celebration page.

Reflect on your 23 (research data) Things journey by completing our short survey.

Plan how you will continue to learn and explore the wonderful world of research data.

23 Things cake by Vicki Young

Image: 23 (research data) Things cake made by Vicki Young (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram)

Repurposing 23 (research data) Things

  • Top 10 Health and Medical Things is an opportunity to explore issues surrounding management of research data, specifically for people working with medical, clinical and health data.
  • 23 (research data) Things re-purpose toolkit is now available. You can:
    • adapt it for your situation
    • adopt it as suggested training for all staff
    • contextualise it for your discipline
    • extend or contract it to meet your specific research data knowledge needs.
  • If you repurpose any of the 23 (research data) Things materials and are willing to share them, please let us know.

Reflecting on 23 (research data) Things in 2016


Please complete the short survey to tell us:

  • about your 23 (research data) Things journey
  • what you learned
  • why research data skills and knowledge is important to you.

The responses we get are important to us for evaluating the program and planning future related activity.

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