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Publishing Data

Publishing data includes sharing information about research datasets with Research Data Australia or discipline-specific portals, as well as making collections available to other researchers, either on an individual basis or through a formal publication process.

The ANDS Guides listed below provide information about ANDS services that support these processes. For help with ANDS services, please email

Sharing information about research datasets

Research Data Australia Using Research Data Australia to find research datasets produced by or relevant to Australian researchers
Publish My Data The Publish My Data service has been suspended pending review. This does not affect any current users of the service. If you have any queries please contact
Register My Data Explains how institutions can share information about datasets created by their researchers with Research Data Australia
The Data Curation Continuum Explains how effective sharing and re-use of research datasets is built upon end-to-end data management processes
The Data Publishing Continuumexternal-link Developed by TERN (Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network) to represent different approaches to data publishing and their impacts 
Data publishing principlesexternal-link The six principles of data publishing as defined by the Nature Publishing Group
Data journals Provides an overview of this evolving publishing paradigm for research data
Overview to providing collection descriptions Technical overview of the processes of generating collection descriptions and providing them to Research Data Australia

More help

Registry Interchange Format - Collections and Services (RIF-CS) Background information about the XML schema used to structure information shared with Research Data Australia
Content Providers Guide Detailed description of information that can be shared with Research Data Australia
Defining a Collection Help with deciding how to group datasets for better discovery
What Makes a Useful Collection Record? Explains how information about collections shared with Research Data Australia can be used by researchers

Sharing research datasets


Copyright and Data Explains how copyright applies to research datasets
Creative Commons and Data Describes the use of open content licensing for research datasets

Identifying datasets

Identify My Data Guide to obtaining unique identifiers for research datasets or other resources
Persistent Identifiers Introduction to persistent identifiers and how they work
Persistent Identifiers (working level) Detailed guide to using persistent identifiers with research datasets
Persistent Identifiers (expert level) A technical infrastructure perspective on persistent identifiers
Digital Object Identifiers Explains the advantages of using DOIs for research datasets

Citing datasets

Data Citation Introduction to citing research datasets in publications

Academic Articles

Data publication consensus and controversiesexternal-link Presents an overview of data publication initiatives underway and the current conversation, highlighting points of consensus and issues still in contention.