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What we do

ANDS helps researchers to organise and manage their research data, promote and share it with other researchers, and locate other research data useful to them. We primarily engage at the institutional level, partnering with institutions to build infrastructure and share large numbers of research data collections. However, we can also assist individual researchers through our online services and our guides about issues in data management and sharing. We also run seminars and training sessions, and carry out site visits to assist with the technical details of data sharing.

If you have research data that you would like to share, please contact us. We can put you in touch with the appropriate people at your institution, or discuss other potential approaches, depending on the scale and kind of data.

Online services

  • Research Data AustraliaResearch Data Australia
    Browse the Austalian Research Data Commons, to find research collections and other researchers relevant to your work.
  • Register My Data
    A more powerful way to register a data collection, an individual or organisation, a service, or a research activity. Some training may be required.
  • Identify My Data
    Easily assign a persistent identifier to a data collection, which can be used in publications.

All of these services are intended as low-barrier-to-entry starting points, for researchers without access to local data publishing infrastructure. We strongly suggest that you contact your local instituions data management professions first, before using any ANDS service other that Research Data Australia.

Resource topics


ANDS has produced numerous guides on topics relating to data, data management, sharing and reuse as well as our basic services:

About ANDS Products and Services

ANDS Discovery Services and the Australian Research Data Commons | [PDF 116KB] Using Research Data Australia to find research datasets produced by or relevant to Australian researcher
Identify My Data | [PDF 137KB] Guide to obtaining unique identifiers for research datasets or other resources
Register My Data | [PDF 141KB] Explains how institutions can share information about datasets created by their researchers with Research Data Australia

Using ANDS Products and Services

Research Data Australia | [PDF 383KB]  An introduction to Research Data Australia and the Australian Research Data Commons
Persistent identifiers (Awareness level) | [PDF 117KB]  Introduction to persistent identifiers and how they work

Issues Around Sharing Data

Copyright Data and Licensing [PDF 217KB] Explains how copyright applies to research datasets and describes the use of open content licensing for research datasets
Data Journals | [PDF 420KB]
Data journals are emerging as an opportunity for researchers and data producers to formally publish, and gain acknowlegement for, their research data outputs

Data Management

Data management planning (Awareness level) | [PDF 298KB] A basic level guide to what needs to be included in a data management plan
Metadata (Awareness level) | [PDF 180KB] An introduction to metadata (data about data)
ANDS and Data Storage (Awareness level) | [PDF 168KB] An introduction to data storage requirements under the Code for Responsible Conduct of Research along with different types and places for data storage
The Data Curation Continuum | [PDF 160KB] Explains how effective sharing and re-use of research datasets is built upon end-to-end data management processes
Data Citation | [PDF 125KB] Guide to the issues around data citation, and activities underway to change the culture around data citation in order to support improved data management and sharing
File Formats | [PDF 115KB] Choosing a suitable file format for data preservation and sharing, a process that is more important and more subtle than it might seem


See the full list of guides.