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Data Management Planning

High quality data must be well managed. Planning is an integral part of this process. The main responsibility for research data management usually lies with the researcher. Most research institutions have comprehensive data management policies and procedures to support their researchers.

Data management overview Data management plans examples


Elements of Data Management Plans

The diagram below sets out the various elements researchers and research institutions may wish to consider when developing Data Management Plans. Each element is linked to further information.

policies connected data citation data capture ethics
policies file wrangling data life cycle sharing curationandpreservation
data security and storage discovered dissemination IP copyright licensing


Examples of Data Management Plans


These include examples of data management plans and checklists for both researchers and higher degree by research students:

Data management plans and toolkits for most Australian universities.


Data Management Training

  • The Information Literacy Program of the Australian National University offers training to researchers and post-graduate students on data management planning. The training is based on the very comprehensive ANU Data Management ManualANU DM management
  • MANTRAMANTRA University of Edinburgh  - free, online, training modules in managing research data for PhD students and anyone undertaking a research project using digital data.

Discipline Specific Training

ANDS resources:


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