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ANDS Collections Registry

The Online Research Collections Australia (ORCA) Registry is a software utility that enables import, entry and management of metadata about research data collections and the activities, parties and services which relate to them. The ORCA Registry is designed to allow researchers and research organisations to publish the existence of research data and to allow prospective users of that data to discover it and evaluate its possible applicability to new research. The research information published in the registry is exposed through a related discovery portal called Research Data AustraliaExternal link.

The ANDS Collections Registry is modelled on an international standard, ISO 2146:2010 Information and documentation -- Registry services for libraries and related organisations. This standard was carefully chosen in preference to other models as it has strong support for a federated registry service that contains descriptive and administrative metadata for collections and related services, parties and activities. The standard also supports the expression of relationships between these entities.

How to access the ANDS Collections Registry

The procedure for accessing the ANDS Collections RegistryExternal link is available here.

ANDS Collections Registry Dashboard

Upon logging in to the ANDS Collections RegistryExternal link, the Dashboard will be displayed.  The section on the right will have the latest news and information about the ANDS Registry or ANDS Online Services.  If you are not registered as a Data Source Administrator, the 'My Data Sources' section will not have any data source listed. Your 'Recently updated records' will also be empty.   My Vocabularies' will list the vocabularies your institution currently own. This will also be empty if your account is not linked to your organisation or if your organisation does not own any vocabulary.

ANDS Collections Registry Dashboard

ANDS Collections Registry Help

Information about how to manage or navigate the ANDS Collections Registry is available from the Support - Records Management page.  Help instructions and link to youtube videos are available from the Support page.

Where to get the ANDS Collections Registry software and tools

Visit our ANDS Downloads Page to get the latest ANDS Registry core software installer and the instructions on how to implement it in your institution. Tools and services are also available from the ANDS Developer ToolboxExternal link, which is also accessbile from the Downloads page.

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