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Data management

  • Overview

    Key information setting out fundamental elements that institutions will need to consider in formulating their data management framework and strategies.

  • Institutional data management frameworks

    Critical elements and strategic planning guide for institutions to build and support effective data management.

  • Data policies

    Guides, elements and examples of institutional policies and procedures which are fundamental to good research data management.

  • Funder guidelines

    Summary of Australian and international funder policies and requirements affecting research data generated through grants.

  • Data management plans

    Example plans and elements to consider when developing institutional data management plans.

  • Data capture

    Projects and reusable software which create infrastructure within institutions to collect and manage data, and to improve its metadata.

  • Data storage

    Researchers have wide choices of data storage, and each choice has implications for metadata management and data access.

  • Storing metadata

    Materials and resources to help inform ANDS partners seeking to deploy metadata stores.

  • Data preservation

    Ensuring access to, and use of enduring data assets is a shared responsibility across a research institution.

  • Data versioning

    Advice on creating a new version of a dataset when an existing dataset is reprocessed, corrected or appended with additional data.

  • ANDS for researchers

    Practical strategies and considerations for researchers wanting to maximise the impact and reach of your research data.