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ANDS helps institutions around Australia to organise and manage their research data, enabling researchers to promote and share it with other researchers, and locate other research data useful to them. We primarily partner with institutions to build infrastructure and share large numbers of research data collections. 

Skilling up researchers

ANDS offers support to researchers in multiple ways:

  1. Webinars, workshops and events:  whilst some of these are aimed at those who support researchers and research data, most could be of interest to researchers wanting to know more about how to better manage, publish, connect and get credit for, your data
  2. ANDS Guides on topics relating to data management, publishing, sharing and reuse. eg safely and ethically sharing sensitive data. Over 40 Guides help you to learn about, apply and maximise the impact of your data management.  
  3. Research Data Australia (RDA) is a national portal with over 100 Australian institutions contributing research data records. RDA is syndicated to other research data search services. Is your data in RDA?  
  4. Working with your university or institution 

If you have research data that you would like to share and are unsure who to contact at your institution, please contact us at We can put you in touch with the appropriate people at your institution, or discuss other potential approaches, depending on the scale and kind of data.