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Data management skills may be found in many parts of organisations, and be associated with different roles.

Research domain and data management skills

Research involving data collection and use, and the integration of computing capability into research methodology (eResearch), has created a demand for new informatics specialists with high level  skills in both a research discipline and computing science.

  • domain specialists with IT skills, or IT specialists with domain knowledge
  • roles include: data scientists, research data support specialists, scientific curators, data curators, annotators, bioinformaticians, biocurators, or cultural informaticians
  • Benjamin Kwasi Addom, Youngseek Kim, and Jeffrey M. Stanton. 2011. eScience professional positions in the job market: a content analysis of  job advertisements. In Proceedings of the 2011 iConference (iConference '11), ACM, New York, NY, USA, 630-631 [subscription required]

Information specialist and data librarian skills

  • engaged in managing research data, using research data as a resource, or supporting researchers in these activities
  • roles include: information specialists, librarians, archivists, curators, records managers, repository managers
  • Find out more about information specialist skills

Skills for ANDS projects

There are many combinations of skills and roles that may help to support successful data management evolution.

Project manager

Each project needs a project manager who can organise resources to achieve a goal within a time-frame. The project manager should also be able to identify and obtain any specialist help they need, and have leadership skills. Depending on the project, the project manager may need to be someone who can initiate or promote organisational change.

Project team

To establish sustainable human and technical infrastructure in the organisation, a full range of skills will be needed. Most effective will be a cross-disciplinary team with information managers/librarians, IT specialists, and research support specialists or research office staff with insight into researcher needs. The weighting of skills required may  vary according to the focus of the project.

Data source administrator role

If the project involves providing a metadata feed to ANDS, a data source administrator will be needed.