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Open licensing framework

AusGOAL (Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework) is:

  • an open access and licensing framework based on the international suite of Creative Commons licences
  • designed to help select the least restrictive licence to apply to published datasets and other works
  • a common approach to data licensing across research and government
  • recommended licensing system for data publishing for ANDS partners.

AusGOAL also offers a restrictive license option for use when, in rare circumstances, application of a Creative Commons licence will not be appropriate.

A summary of Creative Commons licenses:


Software licences

AusGOAL provides guidance on software licensing, and recommends BSD 3 Clause License as its most preferred open source software license. See AusGOAL software licensing for more information.

Using data licences

Many Australian universities have policies, procedures and guidelines around related data management issues. Attaching a licence or reuse notice to data is an important element of research data management and is contingent upon:

  • drafting organisational policies
  • establishing data management capabilities and procedures
  • clarifying the provenance, ownership, and custodianship of the organisation's data assets.

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