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De-identifying your data


De-identification aims to allow data to be used by others without the possibility of individuals being identified. Data de-identification may be used to:

  • protect the privacy of individuals and organisations, such as businesses,
  • ensure that the spatial location of mineral or archaeological findings or endangered species is not publicly available

Data that is still identifiable (i.e. contains personal information) needs to be managed carefully, through access control and data security measures.

Data de-identification Guide

ANDS De-identification Guide

This Guide gives a legal definition of de-identification and collates a selection of Australian and international practical guidelines and resources on how to de-identify datasets. It is intended for those who own a dataset and want to de-identify it for the purpose of sharing or publishing the data. It covers:

  • Definitions
  • `Identifiable, re-identifiable, non-identifiable’ data
  • Australian practical guidance for de-identification
  • International practical guidance for de-identification
  • Qualitative data
  • Audio-visual data
  • Management of identifiable data
  • Not all data for sharing has to be de-identified!

Data de-identification Guide