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Ethics and data sharing


Ethics poster

How to share data

Research administrators

  • Encourage data sharing by ensuring that ethics forms include relevant questions.
  • Support institutional initiatives to encourage data management planning.
  • Support the creation of institutional data archives which can manage sensitive data.

Human research ethics committees

  • Encourage data sharing.
  • Recognise that good data management involves careful data management planning.
  • Provide advice to researchers about designing their research so the data can later be shared.
  • Add a question to your ethics form: "Is there any reason NOT to share the data from this project?


  • Consider the need to share data when they design their project.
  • Seek approval from their human research ethics committee to share their data.
  • Use techniques to support data sharings.
  • Obtain consent.
  • Consider accessibility constraints.
  • Anonymise the data.

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