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Reliable services


ANDS delivers national services to support data discovery, connection, publishing, sharing, use and reuse.

It manages four primary online services:

ANDS also provides and supports a variety of other tools, services, software and widgets to help increase the value of research data, including:

  • connecting and linking data, publications, people and grants
  • describing collections and structuring data to increase visibility and connections
  • assistance with harvesting, using various protocols and schemas
  • syndicating to global data citation indexing systems.

Information about scheduled upgrades and fixes is available on the Technical updates page. Other technical information and support is available on the ANDS documentation pages.

Case study: Creating unique identifiers for data

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are unique alphanumeric sequences used for identifying research outputs in a digital environment, including research data collections.

ANDS, as a registration agency with DataCite, runs a DOI service called Cite My Data. The service enables research organisations to assign DOIs to research datasets, collections and grey literature, allowing more data citation and persistent access to research outputs.

As well as making data collections easier to find, adding DOIs also helps increase acceptance of research data as legitimate, citable contributions to the scholarly record.

ANDS runs Cite My Data as a free service for publicly funded Australian research organisations and government agencies.

It is provided as a 'wholesale' service to research organisations who in turn provide a 'retail' service to their researchers. So, for example, when a CSIRO researcher deposits a data set with the CSIRO Data Access Portal, CSIRO can allocate a DOI to the researcher's data using the ANDS service in the background.