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ARC applications - filling in the data management section


ARC applications Guide

This Guide is intended for those who are applying for an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant that requires that you provide an outline of your data management plan.

This short Guide covers:

  • The benefits of outlining your research data management
  • Questions to be considered
    • Where will your research data be stored at completion of the project?
    • What access will you provide to the data set on completion of the project?
    • How will you enable others to reuse your research data?

Key messages:

  • The outline should describe your plans for the management of data produced as a result of the proposed research, including but not limited to storage, access and reuse arrangements. This text is not expected to be more than half a page
  • The data management requirement offers an opportunity for researchers to provide information to show how data management will enhance the research outcomes of their work and thus improve the competitiveness of their research proposal
  • The ARC considers data management planning an important part of the responsible conduct of research
  • The ARC is committed to maximising the benefits of research it funds by fostering a culture of increased access and sharing of research data, backed by sound data management.

ARC applications Guide