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Defining a data collection


Defining a data collection Guide

This short Guide is intended for researchers, research data stewards and data management professionals involved in providing records of collections to Research Data Australia. It includes:

  • what is a collection?
  • what is a collection in the context of Research Data Australia?
  • bringing together items into collections.

Key messages

  • The term 'collection' can be applied to any aggregation of physical and/or digital resources.
  • Selection criteria for inclusion in a collection are extremely variable, and in an ideal world would be based on the needs of those for whom the collection is created.
  • For Research Data Australia, the concept of a collection means an aggregation of physical and/or digital resources which has meaning in a research context.
  • There is no single right way to create collections. Groupings which make the best use of curatorial time and effort are recommended.
  • Collection descriptions should include descriptions of the kinds of objects in the collection and the basis of selection for objects included in the collection as well as describing what the collection is about.

Defining a data collection Guide