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Research grants and projects: ANDS Discovery service


Research grants and projects Guide

Research Data Australia (RDA) is a separate, customised search for Australian research grants and projects within Research Data Australia.  This discovery service includes grant information from  Australia's principal research funders as well as project descriptions from some institutions and agencies. These descriptions can include connections to related datasets and publications.

This Guide describes the scope and purpose of this service from a human interaction standpoint. There is also a Research Grants API which allows machines to interrogate this same grant information. The service is available at Research Grants and Projects.

This Guide covers:

  • Key information about this service
  • Using the Research Grants and Projects Discovery Service
  • Accessing this Service
  • Scope of Research Activity Descriptions in RDA
    • Grants (Supplied by Funders)
    • Projects (Supplied by RDA Contributors)
  • How to include:
    • Data Collections
    • Publications
  • CrossRef global Naming Funders registry

Key messages:

  • Research grants and projects is a separate discovery service, within Research Data Australia (RDA), for research activity and has relevant search filters, viewing and reporting
  • This service would be of interest to researchers, research managers, librarians, funders
  • A globally unique, persistent and resolvable identifier exists for every grant in RDA and this identifier should always be used when describing research outputs resulting from the grant
  • The Research Grants API allows machines to query this information for validation and lookup of grants

Research grants and projects Guide