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Handle minting service (Identify my data)


Handle minting service (Identify my data)

This Guide explains what the ANDS Handle minting service (Identify My Data) does, who it is for and how it can be accessed.

The Handle service is an ANDS service that provides creation (called minting) and resolution of persistent identifiers using the Handle System for situations where a DOI is not appropriate or able to be created.

  • What is a Handle persistent identifier?
  • Who is the Handle service is useful for?
  • How does it work?
  • What does it look like?
  • How can I access the Handle service?

Key messages

  • The Handle system is very robust and is widely used internationally among repositories
  • Updating or managing the information stored with persistent identifiers is is the responsibility of the person or organisation that minted the persistent identifier.
  • Handles are a string of numbers. When this string is appended to the end of the URL ‘’ a resolvable URL is created.
  • The Handle service has two different components:
    • A Web Service which can be used to integrate Identify My Data with other software
    • A website/user interface (an Online Service) which allows self-service of individual persistent identifiers.

Handle minting service (Identify my data)