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Scholarly communications and data


Scholarly communications and data Guide

This Guide introduces the concept of data within the scholarly communications processes. It is likely to be of interest to all those associated with the creation and management of data and the administration of research.

The Guide covers:

  • How scholarly communication now reflects all research outputs and a rapidly increasing range of dissemination opportunities
  • Why scholarly communication is important in the data sharing environment
  • Best practices for effective scholarly communication which capitalise on published data.

Key messages:

  • Scholarly communications are more than just publications; they include the non-traditional research outputs (NTRO) such as datasets, research techniques, algorithms and software.
  • Best practice for scholarly communication include:
    • appropriate management of data to allow for long term preservation, discovery and open access
    • connectivity through linking of key identifiers such as Grant Ids, DOIs and ORCIDs
    • open access publications
    • the use of appropriate copyright licences that facilitate sharing while providing attribution
  • Scholarly communication processes for research data include researchers, publishers, librarians and data managers.

Scholarly communications and data Guide