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Referencing data in publications


Event title

Referencing data in publications: principles, policy and practice


Wed 28 October 2015, 10.30am - 4pm, Jaeger Room, The Shine Dome, 15 Gordon St, Canberra ACT 2601


This small, invitation-only event brought together representatives from key stakeholder groups associated with referencing research data in academic publications: funding agencies; university administrators; policy makers; researchers/disciplines; scientific publishers; professional societies; and NCRIS facilities.

It was convened by:

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1. Global Overview of work done to date

2. Australian and discipline/domain perspective

  • Examples of success stories of data citation practices:
  • Obstacles and challenges to implementation of data citation practices

3. Implementing data citation practices: current and future functional roles of different research sectors including:

  • Researchers / disciplines
  • University administrators
  • Office of Research, Ethics
  • Funders and policy makers
  • Research Librarians
  • Scientific publishers and professional societies
  • NCRIS facilities
  • Government data providers

4. Discussion and framing of possible points of convergence, enablers and possible solutions.

Download the full agenda (PDF, 0.13 MB).


  • Collected wisdom - comments from the last session: google doc

Outcomes and focus

Digital data plays an increasingly central role in research in the information age. With the combination of new technologies and social norms for information access, expectations are growing that a reader can "get to the data" behind a research publication.The symposium will review current practice of both researchers and academic publishers and investigate potential future directions for referencing data in publications.

The National Committee for Data in Science is convening a small group of research leaders, scholarly publishers, research funders and policymakers to raise awareness of issues faced by researchers wanting to support their research conclusions with references to the underlying data.

The symposium focused on:

  • the perspectives of researchers from different disciplines
  • the practice of publishers, editors and scholarly societies
  • the role of research organisations and research funders

A report of the proceedings of this event will contribute to an international report sponsored by CODATA.

International context for this symposium

This symposium is a part of an international series sponsored by the Committee for Data in Science and Technology (CODATA) of the International Council for Science. The series represents a global approach to improving research impact and integrity through standard approaches to referencing data in publications. Between 2011 and 2014, the CODATA task group on Data Citation Standards and Practice published two major reports which laid out the landscape of research data attribution and citation issues, practices, and policies:

The group was then instrumental in convening a synthesis group of organizations that cooperated in developing Joint Data Citation Principles.

The main objective in the next period of activity, April 2015-October 2016, is to promote the implementation of the data citation principles in the research policy and funding communities.

  • Hold at least 11 national and regional workshops dedicated to this focused objective: China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Brazil, EU, France, USA, and the Group on Earth Observations
  • Write a synthesis paper that integrates the findings