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ANDS launches Research Vocabularies Australia


23 September 2015

ANDS has launched a new controlled vocabulary service of agreed research terms used by Australian researchers.

The new Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) portal is now available at

RVA comprises tools and support for creating, managing, storing, publishing and discovering vocabularies for research. The service aims to describe vocabularies commonly used by or relevant to Australian researchers.

A controlled vocabulary is a set of agreed terms used to label data concepts, meaning the descriptions used in research are consistent across the research community. This supports the discovery, linking, understanding and reuse of research data.

How RVA can support you

If you want to use vocabularies, you have the ability to:

  • Find and learn about controlled vocabularies relevant to research.
  • Access those vocabularies and reuse them in your community.
  • Integrate vocabularies into your local information systems at a technical level.

If you want to publish vocabularies, you have the ability to:

  • Upload and describe a vocabulary to share with others.
  • Make a vocabulary machine readable (more easily integrated into others' systems).
  • Create new or import existing vocabularies and manage them with your community's input.
  • Store vocabularies and information about them in a secure repository.

Webinar: Introducing Research Vocabularies Australia

ANDS hosted a webinar to introduce RVA on 24 September 2015. Watch recording.