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DOI service (Cite My Data) expanded to include grey literature


16 June 2016

ANDS' DOI service (Cite My Data) has been expanded to enable research organisations to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to grey literature, in addition to research datasets and collections, associated workflows, software and models.

This scope expansion has been made in response to a request from the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL). Extending the service to allow DOIs to be assigned to this type of material will fill a community need to persistently reference and cite these types of resources.

Update: ANDS hosted a webinar on 11 May 2016 to discuss the changes with users. The webinar and associated slides are now available to view online.

In assigning DOIs, ANDS acts as an agent for the DataCite DOI Registration Agency. The ANDS Cite My Data service allows institutions to mint and maintain DOIs for data and associated workflows, software and models, and grey literature, provided the citable item has the required metadata and is part of the scholarly record. The service is free to use for publicly funded Australian research organisations and government agencies.

Examples of grey literature that may now be assigned a DOI via the ANDS service include theses, reports, unpublished conference papers, newsletters, creative works, preprint journal articles, technical standards and specifications for which the institutional repository is the primary publication point.

As per the requirements for assigning DOIs in general, these items should be a citable part of the scholarly record and meet the metadata requirements for DOI minting. The institution minting the DOIs should have long-term custodianship of the scholarly object and capacity to guarantee the persistence of it over time. Published peer reviewed journal articles, ephemera, teaching and learning materials and book chapters are out of scope for the ANDS DOI service. If you wish to assign DOIs to these materials, other DOI Registration Agencies such as CrossRef should be consulted.

Organisations, including those already using Cite My Data service to assign DOIs to datasets, will be required to provide the DataCite resourceType metadata element when minting DOIs for grey literature. This is in addition to current DataCite minimum mandatory metadata requirements. However, the resourceType element will become a mandatory in v4.0 of the DataCite metadata schema due for implementation later this year. Schema change details will be communicated by ANDS as DataCite releases further information.

For further information, please see the DOI service (Cite My Data) page or contact ANDS services.