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'Legal Interoperability Of Research Data' guidelines published


19 September 2016

The Research Data Alliance and CODATA have joined forces "to guide research stakeholders in the land of intellectual property", providing a set of practical guidelines for researchers dealing with the legal aspects of sharing  data.

RD-A logoThe high-level guidance is offered to all members of the research community - funders, data managers, librarians, archivists, publishers, policymakers, administrators, researchers, legal  experts  - who are engaged in the access to and reuse of research data from diverse sources.

The six principles discussed in the paper are:

  • One: Facilitate the lawful access to and reuse of research data
  • Two: Determine the rights to and responsibilities for the data
  • Three: Balance the legal interests
  • Four: State the rights transparently and clearly
  • Five: Promote the harmonization of rights in research data
  • Six: Provide proper attribution and credit for research data.

Work on the guidance was led by the RDA/CODATA Legal Interoperability Interest Group, which ANDS participates in.

Find out more and read the guidelines