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NCRIS industry collaboration delivers improved data citation services


3 November 2016

TERN and ANDS have partnered with Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science Data Citation Index (DCI) to link ecological data stored in TERN’s Australian Ecological Knowledge and Observation System (ÆKOS) with scientific research literature that uses the data.

Linking TERN data with DCI enables data authors, custodians and their research institutions to track citations and understand systematically what data underpins literature and what literature cites data.

Ecologist Professor Corey Bradshaw, of the University of Adelaide, has submitted his research data into TERN’s ÆKOS and says that the new citation service is a definite positive for researchers.

“This service will allow researchers to track the use of their data after they are submitted to TERN’s data repositories,” says Corey. “Not only is this important to maintain proper acknowledgement of data use, but it is also a great way of identifying new and exciting research results arising from the sometimes unanticipated application of primary data.”

“Open data are essential for robust, transparent, and reproducible science, and this is a service that makes data submission to open-access portals more attractive to researchers.”

DCI Index graphic

To date DCI currently displays records describing 1,225 datasets of ecological surveys.  These records were harvested to the DCI via Research Data Australia (RDA). This is a service offered by ANDS for data custodians with records in RDA.

TERN services support culture shift towards data citation

Indexing services like DCI are relatively new. There is a growing culture shift towards data citation in scientific journal articles and publishing houses are gradually changing their author protocols to reflect this.

To support this change and ensure the proper acknowledgement of data producers and their research institutions, TERN ÆKOS provides transparent citation statements for standalone and integrated site-based surveys based on recommendations by ICSU WDS, DataCite and RDA.

All citations include reference to a persistent identifier or—in the case of datasets with DOIs and integrated site-based surveys within collections—persistent URLs.

TERN also advocates that authors of scientific articles reference data authors in the methods and reference sections of their papers—as commonly specified in journal data availability statements.

Datasets referenced in the Thomson Reuters indexed scientific literature will be tracked and a citation count made available in DCI. This helps make datasets first class research outputs similar to scientific articles.

To improve indexing of data, new frameworks and services are emerging that further consolidate the ANDS-TERN collaboration. These will be most effective where data are assigned a persistent identifier (such as a DOI) and consistently referenced in scholarly outputs.