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New book shows impact of Australian research data


4 May 2018

Sixteen stories about the real-life benefits of Australian research data have been compiled into a new eBook published by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

Data Impact eBook coverThe stories were collected during ANDS #dataimpact campaign in 2016, which asked the research community for examples of data-intensive projects making a real-world difference.

The best of those stories have now been collated into an eBook which is available to read, download and share from the ANDS website at

ANDS is encouraging the research community to help distribute the book to influencers and partners in the sector to help promote the value of Australian research data. The publication is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution licence, meaning the text can be reused and republished as long as it is attributed to ANDS.

The #dataimpact campaign was an ANDS initiative which ran through 2016, seeking to promote the tangible benefits of Australian-led research data projects and the high value returns they bring to Australia and beyond.

Read the #dataimpact eBook

Stories included in the eBook*:

  • Melanoma study leads to ban on commercial sunbeds (University of Sydney)
  • Using bee data to protect crops (The Global Initiative for Honeybee Health led by CSIRO)
  • Understanding wellbeing in regional Australia (University of Canberra)
  • Redmap helps protect marine life and monitor climate change (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at University of Tasmania)
  • Researchers measure health impact of controversial TV show (University of Sydney, Australian National University, University of New South Wales)
  • PetaJakarta turns tweets into flood alerts (University of Wollongong)
  • Mapping the impact of climate change on Australian wildlife (Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change at James Cook University)
  • HILDA survey shapes policy on tax and jobs (Melbourne Institute at the University of Melbourne)
  • Data on bushfire fatalities helping to prevent more deaths (Risk Frontiers based at Macquarie University, RMIT University and Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre)
  • Mapping sports data for better decision making (Victoria University, Federation University)
  • Data reveals folate during pregnancy prevents spina bifida (University of Western Australia)
  • DNA data supporting whale conservation (Flinders University and partners)
  • EverGraze project boosts Australian farming (Charles Sturt University and partners)
  • Citizen data monitors coral bleaching (CoralWatch based at University of Queensland)
  • Using health data to save babies’ lives (Health Informatics Research)
  • Waterbird survey guides conservation decisions (Centre for Ecosystem Science at University of New South Wales)

* See the eBook for full details of all the organisations involved in the projects.

Whilst the #dataimpact campaign has now come to an end, ANDS will continue to promote good stories of real-life data impact through its newsletters and on social media.