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2015 Presentations


Our presentations are added to this page following an event. To request a copy of a presentation that is not currently available here, please email

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27 Nov 15

Sharing Health-y Data Challenges and Solutions - Sydney

  • Program
  • What are health and sensitive data and why are they trickier to publish? Dr Sarah Olesen, Biotext
  • How the Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank ABCTB enables sharing of data Dr Mythily Mariasegaram, Senior Scientist, Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank
  • Publishing Clinical Research Data: The 5 Ps Iain Hrynaszkiewicz (recording) Head of Data and HSS Publishing, Open Research at Nature Publishing Group/ Palgrave Macmillan [Recording - 1:34]
  • Concrete examples - consent forms that talk about sharing data Dr Sarah Olesen
  • A researcher's perspective Prof Phillipa Hay, Chair Of Mental Health, School of Medicine, Western Sydney University
  • Licensing health and sensitive data Dr Jeff Christiansen Intersect, Manager of


11 Nov 15

Managing research data in repositories - Melbourne

  • Program
  • Welcome, introductions, overview - Natasha Simons - ANDS
  • Research Data Management - where have we been and where are we going? - Andrew Treloar - ANDS
  • Case studies from the community
    • Andrew Heath - University of Queensland
    • Katrina McAlpine - University of Sydney
    • Bernadette Houghton - Deakin University
    • Patrick Splawa-Neyman - Monash University
    • Julie Gardner - Victoria University
    • Arif Jubaer - University of Melbourne
  • Two sides of the one coin: Advocacy and compliance
    • Keith Russell - ANDS
    • Janice Chan - Curtin University
    • Peter Neish - University of Melbourne
  • Metadata, vocabularies and licensing - Kathryn Unsworth - ANDS
  • Connecting your data: DOIs, grants, ORCIDs, software - Natasha Simons - ANDS


2 Nov 15

Sharing scientific data: astronomy as a case study for change in paradigm - Françoise Genova, Director of the Strasbourg astronomical data centre


28 Oct 15

Referencing data in publications: principles, policy and practice - Canberra

  • Program
  • Presentations:
    • Dr Sam Banks
    • Dr Steve McEachern [google link]
    • Iain Hrynaszkiewicz [Recording - 8:37]
    • Dr Julia Miller
    • Dr Simon Hodson
    • Roxanne Missingham
    • Prof Rob Harcourt
    • Prof Simon Easteal
    • Dr Dan Rosauer
  • Collected wisdom - comments from the last session: google doc


22 Oct 15

ORCID Adoption and the Australian Consortium Model - Laurel Haak, ORCID Executive Director

20 Oct 15

Public Libraries Conference, Brisbane - Truth or dare: Research data, the next big thing for public Libraries?

  • Research data, the next big thing for public Libraries
  • Data for Queensland Public Librarians Handout
  • Data for Queensland Public Librarians Handout


19 Oct 15

eResearch Australasia ORCID Workshop

  • Laurel Haak, ORCID [Figshare]
  • Heath Marks, AAF
  • Natasha Simons, ANDS
  • Amberyn Thomas and Elisha Bignell, UQ [espace]
  • Amir Aryani, ANDS


19 Oct 15

ANDS / ALIA Brisbane: Ready & Prepared for Research Data

  • Ready & Prepared for Research Data
  • Data for Queensland Libraries handout
  • Data for Queensland Libraries handout


15 Oct 15

ANDS / ALIA ACT: Education and Public Libraries - Ready & Prepared for Research Data

  • Ready and Prepared for Research Data
  • Data for ACT Public and School Librarians handout


14 Oct 15

ANDS / ALIA ACT: University, Corporate & Government Libraries - Ready & Prepared for Research Data

  • Ready and Prepared for Research Data
  • Data for ACT Government, University and Corporate Librarians handout


24 Sept 2015

Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA)

This new service from ANDS helps you find, access, and reuse vocabularies for research. Some vocabularies are hosted by ANDS and can be accessed directly through RVA or through a link to the vocabulary owner's web page. You can create and/or publish a vocabulary as well as integrate an existing vocabulary into your own system.


17 Sept 2015

James Cook University (training via Zoom)

  • Program
  • What are research data?
  • ANDS in a nutshell
  • Finding data
  • Keeping abreast and upskilling

More resources:

  • How to search in Research Data Australia [2:49min]
  • Research Data and Librarians: trifold pamphlet (A4)


17 Sept 2015

Adelaide: Sharing Health-y Data: Challenges and Solutions

  • Program
  • What are health-y data and why are they tricky to publish? - Dr Sarah Olesen


  • Perspectives on publishing and sharing health data: experiences and challenges for a research data manager - Dr Deborah Van Gaans
  • PALS: Pregnancy and Lifestyle Study - Dr Judy Ford
  • Issues around confidentiality and privacy - Chris Radbone
  • Consent forms
  • Licensing health data to enable reuse - Gerry Ryder


More resources


16 Sept 15

Clinical data disclosure: the five Ps with Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, Nature Publishing


10 Sep 15

Increasing Access to Data from Publicly Funded Research - ARMS-ANDS joint forum

  • Program
  • Cathy Conner, NHMRC - NHMRC Perspectives on Increasing Access to Data from Publicly Funded Research
  • A/Prof Caroline Jones, Vice-President, Australian Linguistic Society - Data Sharing: A Researcher's Perspective
  • Dr Julia Miller, Senior Data Manager, ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language - Data Management Perspective


7-8 Sep 15

Research data management for research staff - Charles Darwin University

  • Program
  • Can sharing research data raise your research profile and impact?


  • Researchers Workshop; Why do we care? Why research data? How to manage data? - Richard Ferrers [Slideshare]

Research Data Management 101 for Library Staff - Charles Darwin University

  • Program
  • Librarians: how and why to manage research data  - Richard Ferrers [Slideshare]

ANDS-ALIA event: Darwin: Ready, Set, Go! Research data at your Library


3 Sep 15

Perth: Sharing Health-y and Sensitive Data: Challenges and Solutions  -

  • What are sensitive data and why might they be trickier to publish?


30 Jul 15

Reporting on Research Data Alliance Digital Humanities Outreach Efforts - Bridget Almas

More information:


16 Jul 15

Victorian Universities Workshops


  • Program - RDM101: Research Data Starter for Research Data Support Staff
  • Program - Hot topics: What's trending in RDM in Vic?
    • The power of connectivity: ORCID - ten things you need to know
    • Opening up data - why can't we share? Barriers to sharing - community contributions
    • What skills do data wranglers need? How to gain them? Data Librarian position descriptions
    • Keeping up with the Joneses: how I keep well informed on RDM developments


1-3 Jul 15

South Australian Universities Workshop Series

  • Programs:
    • University of Adelaide
    • Flinders University
    • University of South Australia:  Morning session
    • Afternoon Session
  • Research Data Defined
  • Libraries and research data
  • Why we care about research data
  • Data Management Scenarios
  • Data Interviews
  • Where to from here?


9 Jul 15

Research Data Management for Health Services Librarians

  • Program
  • Introduction
  • Sensitive data
  • Controlled Vocabularies
  • Exercise on Controlled Vocabularies
  • Handout on Controlled Vocabularies
  • ANDS Vocabulary Services


1 Jul 15

ORCID at Oxford University - Sally Rumsey

  • Recording [23min]
  • Slides

More resources

  • U.K. ORCID Pilot Project
  • Jisc-Arma Institutional ORCID Implementation and Cost Benefit Analysis Report
  • Jisc-Arma Institutional ORCID Implementation Checklist


25 Jun 15

ORCID at Hong Kong Baptist University - Chris Chan


17 Jun 15

Open Data and the Future of Science - Professor Geoffrey Boulton

More resources

  • Royal Society final report: Science as an Open Enterprise, Summary, MBEPUB and Kindle version
  • Open Data on Research Data Australia


21 May 15

Take control of your data assets: a practical introduction to licensing for research data (Perth)

  • Gerry Ryder, ANDS
  • Baden Appleyard, AusGOAL
  • Matthias Liffers, Curtin University
  • Sue Cook, CSIRO
  • Damian Shepherd, WALIS


29 April 15

Back to Basics - Perth

  • What are research data?
  • Why should we care?
  • My adventures with research data
  • Embedding the DMP - Matthias Liffers - Curtin Uni
  • Research Data Management and the ECU Library - Poh & Gordon - ECU

Hot Topics - What's trending in RDM in WA?

  • Hot topics -Keeping up with the Joneses
  • Hot Topics - Making sense of DOIs
  • Ten things you need to know about ORCID right now
  • Supporting reproducible science in CSIRO
  • The Open Data Express

Other resources

  • Program


23 Apr 15

Publishing and Sharing Health-y Data: Challenges and Solutions

  • Program & resource list
  • Sarah Olesen ANDS - Intro to Health and Sensitive Data
  • Associate Professor Craig Fry - Victoria University
  • David Morrison - Monash University
  • Simon Huggard - LaTrobe University
  • Sarah Olesen ANDS - Licensing Health Data


23 Apr 15

Tools & Approaches to Managing Environmental Data Throughout the Data Life Cycle - Canberra

  • Program and Bio
  • Professor Bill Michener - DataONE
  • Peter Doherty - ALA
  • Dr David Turner - TERN
  • Dr Siddeswara Guru - TERN
  • Hamish Holewa - BCCVL


23 Apr 15

Changing Paradigms for Data Management, Publication and Sharing with Bill Michener


20 Apr 15

Release 15: New and Improved Research Data Australia - Joel Benn - ANDS.

Short help videos about Release 15

  • Introduction to Research Data Australia [2:28min]
  • How to search in Research Data Australia [2:49min]
  • Personalise your search experience in MyRDA [4:22min]


14 Apr 15

ORCID Implementers Roundtable - Canberra

  • Program
  • Laurel Haak - ORCID
  • Amir Aryani - Australian National Data Service
  • Institutional perspectives on ORCID integration:
    • Heather Todd - University of Queensland
    • Peter Sefton - University of Technology Sydney
    • Nathaniel Lewis - University of Sydney
    • Eva Fisch - la Trobe university
  • Funders perspectives:
    • Brian Yates - Australian Research Council
    • Alan Singh - NHMRC
  • ORCID in Research Management Systems:
    • Daniel Hook - Digital Science
    • Jean-Francois Desvignes-Hicks - Thomson Reuters
    • Thomas Vestdam - Elsevier
  • Publisher's perspectives:
    • Veronique Kiermer - Nature Publishing Group [YouTube]

More resources:


14 Apr 15

Research Data - The Next generation of products and services for the library - Presentation to CSU students

  • Susannah Sabine (ANDS)


26 Mar 15

Take control of your data assets: a practical introduction to licensing for research data (Adelaide)8

  • Gerry Ryder - ANDS
  • Baden Appleyard - AusGOAL
  • Glynn Stringer - The University of South Australia
  • Liz Walkley-Hall - Flinders University of South Australia
  • Cathy Miller - The University of Adelaide
  • Alysha Thomas - Office of the CIO, Dept of Premier & Cabinet, SA
  • Trent Daley - Dept for Environment, Water & Natural Resources, SA


5 Mar 15

Flying Solo: Data librarians working outside of traditional roles


12 Feb 15

Engaging Librarians in Research Data Management: approaches and lessons learnt

  • Sam Searle - Griffith University
  • Simon Huggard - La Trobe University

More resources:


11 Feb 15

Central Queensland University workshop on Research Data Management

  • Program
  • Kathryn Unsworth - ANDS general introduction
  • Natasha Simons - Begin at the beginning: What are research data?
  • Natasha Simons - The big picture
  • Natasha Simons - Barriers to sharing
  • Kathryn Unsworth - Research data lifecycle: Plans and planning
  • Kathryn Unsworth - Introduction to metadata: Describing datasets
  • Kathryn Unsworth - Finding data
  • Kathryn Unsworth - Research data management training resources: How can librarians upskill?
  • Kathryn Unsworth - Where to from here? How libraries are involved in RDM

Workshop Series

29-20 Jan 15

Brisbane Workshop Series

  • Back to Basics
    • Program
    • Data Lifecycles
    • Why should we care about data?
  • Hot Topics in Research Data Management
    • Program
    • DOIs
    • Keeping up to data
    • ORCiD
  • Describing Datasets
    • Program
    • The Data Interview
    • RIF-CS in Plain English
  • Institutional Support for RDM
    • Program
    • Fei Yu, University of Queensland
    • Siobhan McCafferty, QUT
    • Samantha Searle,  Griffith University  [Slideshare ]
  • More Resources