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Telescope team wins top award


CSIRO's Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder wins Chairman's Medal

The team behind CSIRO's newest radio telescope, the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP), has won the 2015 Chairman's Medal at the CSIRO Awards ceremony in October 2015.

CSIRO awards
The awards ceremony in Canberra (Image credit: CSIRO) 

The Chairman's Medal is CSIRO's highest honour and recognises exceptional research teams that have made significant scientific or technological advances of national, international or commercial importance. The citation for the 2015 award explains the award was "for revolutionising astronomy by developing a spectacular new capability for observing wide areas of the sky using the world's first widefield imaging receivers for radio astronomy on the antennas of the ASKAP radio telescope."

The ASKAP team celebrated together despite being spread across the different sites of CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science – in Sydney, Perth, Geraldton, the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, Narrabri, and Parkes.

"This Chairman's Medal is awarded in recognition of the whole ASKAP team, and the vision, expertise and dedication that is essential to its success," said CSIRO's Astronomy and Space Science Director Lewis Ball, "which is to say, this achievement would not have been possible without every member of the team who has directly contributed over the years to developing and implementing Phased Array Feed receivers."

"Together we've built a fantastic radio telescope, the best in the world at what it does and one that's unlikely to be superseded for generations. Thank you. We could not have done it without you."

With thanks to CSIRO