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23 (research data) Things - full steam ahead!


Self-directed learning course proves a hit

Sketchnote by Lauren DeaconThe 23 (research data) Things community has certainly taken off! Since ANDS launched the self-directed learning program in March, the energy, commitment and contributions of the participants has been astounding.

Due to the programme’s flexible and individual focus, it’s hard to put an exact number on how many people are currently on the ‘23T’ journey, but ANDS estimates over 1,240 people are involved. Most of them are in Australia, but there is also a large and vibrant New Zealand 23T community, as well as others from around the world.

Forty-nine Community Groups have formed, each offering local members a chance to discuss, debate, contextualise and stretch their growing research data competencies. Other people are quietly working through the various Things by themselves.

Participants can get involved through the 23T MeetUp online forum, and the online webinars. Last but not least is the #23RDThings Twitter feed - a lively  forum for sharing ideas and resources.

Thank you to everybody who has participated so far. Keep going!

It is never too late to start 23 (research data) Things. Start at whichever Thing is currently scheduled, and either catch up or just cherry pick the Things you’d like to know more about. It’s flexible and individual, offering a choice of activities for each Thing. Find out more and get involved.

Image: 23T participants get creative: this Sketchnote for Thing 6 is by Lauren Deacon, a librarian at Massey University (Credit: Lauren Deacon)