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eResearch Australasia 2016


ANDS holds joint booth with RDS and NeCTAR

Joint 'hard data Cafe' ANDS teamed up with Research Data Services (RDS) and National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources project (NeCTAR) to host a joint booth at this year’s eResearch Australasia conference in Melbourne (10-14 October 2016).

Deploying a vibrant ‘rock café’ theme, the three organisations came together with the message that they will be collaborating ever more closely in the future, creating a more coherent and connected experience for the research community.

ANDS, RDS and NeCTAR will be working together on a series of coordinated activities to support NCRIS data-intensive capabilities and research institutions through a whole of data lifecycle approach. This will involve connecting together the organisation’s existing systems to provide a more cohesive experience.

The NCRIS Roadmap exercise, currently underway, will also be recommending changes to the way NCRIS capabilities work over coming years. Whilst this work is yet to be finalised, RDS, ANDS and Nectar are committed to a strong ongoing collaboration between the three organisations, and have already been working together more closely in recent months to provide more coordinated services across the research data lifecycle, focussing on partnerships, services and skills.

As conference attendees heard: “Together our organisations will become more than the sum of our parts”.