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The stories in this edition of Share represent only a selection of the data communities adding value to the Australian research system. Other data communities supported by ANDS include:

ANDS developers community

A portal of information to encourage the reuse and extension of the open source software suite developed by ANDS to run Research Data Australia.

Australian Vocabulary Special Interest Group (ASVIG)

A forum for discussion and activity in the use and creation of controlled vocabularies in research, data, information and collection management.

Australian Research Data Provenance (RDP) Interest Group

Bringing together people who work in the provenance space to facilitate conversation, discuss a range of provenance issues, reduce duplication of effort and coordinate community activities.

RDII (Research Data Information Integration) community

Facilitating the sharing of information and practices between research institutions on system functionalities used to store information about research data, and the integration needed to connect systems.

Data librarians community

ANDS is providing a range of events and resources aimed at building community connections, skills and knowledge within the data librarian community, including through 23 (research data) Things self-learning.

Geoscience data community

Australia’s geoscience community produces valuable data ranging from high volume satellite imagery to minute soil samples and maps. ANDS offers support to make geoscience data discoverable through the implementation of standards, identifiers, citation minting and awareness of discipline tools.

Health and medical data community

ANDS has been supporting the health and medical community through running workshops on sharing sensitive data, creating a health data community group during 23 (research data) Things, and developing ‘10 medical and health research data Things’.