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Executive Director's report


Ross Wilkinson, ANDS

Ross WilkinsonIn this issue of Share we look at the value of aligning Australian research data infrastructure.

Combining the data strengths of ANDS, the data services strengths of RDS and the collaboration strengths of Nectar has long been a goal. We are now starting the work of delivering against this vision.

Over the last 10 years, ANDS has worked hard to ensure that Australia has a coherent set of data infrastructure, data policy, data procedures and data practice to enable Australia to build internationally significant data collections.

We are now taking the next step. Better data practice has to be the hallmark of everyday good research in Australia, not just a set of shining examples.

This means meeting researchers in their own environments and bringing benefits in domains of national significance.

Data that is routinely of evidential quality – that is, supporting key findings, and in a form that facilitates further discovery beyond the initial investigation – enables much richer investigation. We need to bring together the strengths of ANDS, Nectar and RDS to further support and enhance this, and we are.