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Ron SandlandRon Sandland, ANDS’ Steering Committee Chair

This edition of Share celebrates the many achievements stemming from ANDS projects, almost always with partners from the research sector.

As I said in my last Share article, the future entity formed through the eventual merger of ANDS, Nectar and RDS is focussing on four goals:

  1. A world leading data advantage
  2. Accelerating innovation
  3. Collaboration for borderless research
  4. Enhanced translation of research

The projects described here largely relate to the first of these goals and it is worth asking how all these success stories have come about. The answer is somewhat complex because there have been many contributors – research institutions (the primary focus of ANDS projects to date), ANDS staff who have been working passionately with institutional collaborators, ANDS strategy which has focussed on this area of activity.

However, overridingly, the most important factor has been the Government’s unswerving investment in research infrastructure and research data infrastructure in particular.

Sometimes people think naively that all these successes would have come about anyway because the research institutions are increasingly seeing the advantages of having strong data capabilities. However, it is important to recognise that the high level of continuing government investment in this area has enabled us to forge a common language and to lift research data capacity across the sector.

In fact the successes reported here represent in part the fruits of that investment. Furthermore, the careful planning that is being undertaken in merging ANDS, Nectar and RDS will ensure that the capacities developed by the three capabilities can be built upon and further developed to ensure Australian research, government and industry can truly enjoy a world leading research data advantage.