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Executive Director’s report


Ross Wilkinson, ANDS

Ross Wilkinson

For nearly a decade, ANDS has been supporting data-intensive projects throughout Australia (and beyond) with funding, data expertise and in-kind support.

It’s been a great privilege to see so many projects come to fruition. A collective result of these projects is a wonderful enhancement of Australia’s research data assets. Some have received international recognition and media coverage for their work (literally lifesaving work, in some cases). Others have bubbled away quietly under the surface, improving data management practices at a particular institution or enabling a research team to archive important historical records, for example.

That’s the beauty of research data – it crosses over so many domains and disciplines, with each project contributing to Australia’s research data advantage in its own way.

This edition of Share looks at many of the projects ANDS has supported. Whilst it isn’t possible to mention every project, we’ve included a good cross section of domains and outcomes.

I’ve made the point in previous editions of Share that the most important part of any project is the people involved. It may sound like a cliché, but it’s absolutely true. From a personal point of view I can say the most successful projects are often those with the most enthusiastic, focused teams who have a clear vision of their final outcome. Most of the stories in this edition are written by – or with – the teams behind the projects highlighted. They have all made a wonderful contribution to Australian research.