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DOI Service


The ANDS DOI minting service:

  • is for Australian research organisations or data centres relevant to Australian research, such as those run by Government agencies or Universities
  • may be used to assign DOIs to data and associated workflows, software, models, and grey literature, provided the citable item has the required metadata
  • enables an organisation to maximise the benefits of having their data citations tracked through citation indices
  • resources assigned DOIs should be citable contributions to the scholarly record, analogous to a journal article. Other kinds of digital objects (such as web services, APIs, concepts or people) may be better identified using the ANDS Handle Service (previously Identify My Data)
  • will resolve to the data record in the institutional repository or other location as set out in the metadata (example).

Important note: it is critical for users of the ANDS DOI minting service to understand that ANDS does not manage the DOIs; it only provides the infrastructure to allow minting, resolution and updating of them. Processes and policies need to be put in place by those utilising the product to ensure that appropriate maintenance practices underpin persistence

DOI Service (Cite My Data) Policy Statement sets out essential criteria for resources assigned DOIs:

  • Be part of the scholarly record
  • Be persistently available: users of the service need to have the commitment and capacity to ensure continuity of access to their data
  • Have the six mandatory metadata elements from the DataCite Metadata Schema V4.1:
    1. Identifier
    2. Title
    3. Creator(s)
    4. Publisher
    5. Publication year
    6. Resource type general (taken from the list of Controlled Values on page 18 of DataCite Metadata Schema V4.1).

Users should note that the more metadata that they supply the richer the data record will be, thus increasing the potential for discovery, reuse and citation.

Service scope

The DOI service is free for publicly funded Australian research organisations and government agencies.

Resource types in scope

  • Research datasets and collections, associated workflows, software and models
  • Grey literature such as theses, reports, unpublished conference papers, newsletters, creative works, preprint journal articles, technical standards and specifications for which the institutional repository is the primary publication point.
  • Note: Organisations, including those already using Cite My Data service to assign DOIs to datasets, will be required to provide the DataCite 'resourceType' metadata element when minting DOIs for grey literature. The 'resourceType' element will become mandatory in v4.0 of the DataCite metadata schema.

Resource types out of scope

  • Published peer reviewed journal articles, ephemera, teaching and learning materials and book chapters

Ways of using the service

Manual minting

  • This service may be preferred by those institutions expecting to mint only a very small number of DOIs, or as an interim arrangement while a machine-to-machine service is established
  • Manual minting service can only mint a single DOI at a time. Bulk DOI minting is currently not supported by this manual minting service
  • My DOIs (DOI Query Tool): technical documentation and procedures on how to manually mint a DOI, update a DOI or view the organisation's activities or profile

Machine to machine service

  • The machine-to-machine (m2m) service with a software interface is available for organisations for which their registered research software or data archive software systems can call as part of their automated data creation or data archiving workflows
  • DOI Service (Cite My Data) Technical document: explains in detail how this service is used
  • DOI Scripts: Handle client tool developed by Griffith University is available for reuse.