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Enhancing data service discovery


Data Services in Research Data Australia

Services in the research domain support the use of research collections and datasets by providing automated functions for the creation, access, processing and analysis of data.

Current state

The ANDS Registry has so far not been intended as an exhaustive registry of research services, regardless of their association, or not, with Collections. Services in the ANDS Registry can be discovered via Research Data Australia using the Advanced Search feature or through the Explore Services and Tools page.

Future direction

Increasingly, data providers are publishing their data through services, yet a comprehensive national catalogue for data services does not exist across NCRIS, the science agencies, and university research sector. To meet this need, ANDS is currently exploring expanding the coverage of our service across the sector and the capacity of the service to include machine-to-machine data service discovery through standard protocols, being in the first instance, OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) and OPeNDAP. This work will continue throughout 2017.

The project includes an environmental scan of current practice around data service provision and consumption. It is intended to convene a community interest group to exchange experience and identify opportunities for collective action.

Potential providers and consumers of such a service are encouraged to register their interest with ANDS. A more detailed description of the ANDS Data Services Discovery project is available.