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Handle Service - software interface


The software interface to the Handle Service (Identify My Data) is a set of secure web services  that let you allocate new identifiers, and maintain existing ones, through  software. This lets you integrate these processes directly into data management  workflows, eliminating manual steps.

As an example, the TARDIS crystallography  data registry uses the Handle Service to automatically assign identifiers to  registered datasets. ANDS can provide technical assistance with using this service.


The security of the Identify My Data software interface is assured by three  means:

  1. The IP address of your system must    be registered with ANDS. Connections from unrecognised addresses are    rejected.
  2. Connections are made by HTTPS.
  3. Connections must contain a    passphrase which will be provided to you - this is the application ID or appID.

How to register for the Handle Service

Just like any other ANDS services, service participants will have an opportunity to test the service before moving into production. For the Handle Service, separate environments are setup for testing (in Demo) and production minting.

A. Test registration

  1. Discuss your intent to setup a Handle Service with your ANDS representative or contact
  2. When you think you are ready to test the Handle Service, provide the  following information to your ANDS representative or email them to
    • institution name.
    • IP address or list of IP addresses - an IP address or a range IP  addresses that will be registered for minting a handle.
    • account contact full name and email address - the name of a contact at your site ANDS should contact to discuss handle-related issues.
  3. You will receive a notification from ANDS, either from your ANDS representative or from IT Services, when your organisation has been  registered. You will be provided with:

B. Production registration

When you are ready to start minting production Digital Object Identifiers:

  1. have the Handle Service Participant Agreement form signed by a representative of your institution.
  2. email the scanned signed Participant Agreement to ANDS at or to your ANDS representative.
  3. you will receive a notification from ANDS when you are ready to mint your production handles.

Downloadable Handle Service client

To assist providers with setting up their Handle client, the ANDS Persistent Identifiers Service (Handle Service) Client developed by CSIRO is available for download.

Related information

Further assistance

ANDS is happy to provide assistance with integrating persistent identifier allocation into research data management workflows. Please contact for more information.