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The Research Data Australia Registry (RDA Registry) is accessed through ANDS Online Services.

For help see Getting an Online Services account and How to login to ANDS Online Services page.

RDA Registry Home screen

Upon logging in to ANDS Online Services, the home screen will be displayed.


  • The section on the left will have the latest news and information about ANDS Online Services.   
  • If you are registered as a Data Source Administrator, the 'My Data Sources' section will list the data sources you have access to.
  • If you have access permission, My Identifiers will allow you to view or mint a handle or DOI for your institution. The 'Digital Object Identifiers' sub-menu will not be displayed if your account is not linked to your organisation or if your organisation is not registered for the DOI service.

Your Data Source Account

The Data Source Account allows the management of your metadata records, including harvester settings, linkages in Research Data Australia, and direct import or export of records. This account is managed by the Data Source Administrator.

Data Source Account dashboard

On the Online Services Home page, click on the name of a Data Source to view the Data Source Account Dashboard page, which:

  • gives you a quick overview of the records in your account and the recent activity which has occurred
  • allows you to perform direct record import and exports, and provides links to other pages relevant to your data source account.

Support Resources

Data Source Account settings

The Data Source Account Settings page:

  • allows you to manage your data source information including the title and contact details
  • allows you to view and configure your harvest options

Support Resources

Manage My Records screen

The Manage My Records screen is an interactive dashboard that allows you to manage all of the records in your data sources in one place.

Support Resources:

Create or add a new record manually

A short YouTube video guides users on how to create or add a new record in the ANDS Registry. The RDA Content Providers Guide explains each element in the RIF-CS schema should be described.

Records with statuses other than Approved and Published are not backed up by ANDS. The Data Source Administrator should ensure that backup copies of these records are held within their institution.

Bulk Tagging Tool

The Bulk Tagging Tool allows you to manage all of the tags assigned to your records in one place.

The Bulk Tagging Tool help guide explains what tags are, how they are used, and how they can be managed through the interface.