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Australian funding agencies have guidelines and requirements relating to research data management. These guidelines address data in terms of:

  • data management plans and planning,
  • data dissemination and sharing,
  • data access and reuse, as well as
  • long term data storage.

Underpinning these requirements are the data guidelines as set out in the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research.

NHMRC research data lifecycle

NHMRC and data

The NHMRC Open Access Policy has the following to say about research data:
NHMRC acknowledges the importance of making research data publicly accessible and therefore strongly encourages researchers to consider the reuse value of their data and to take reasonable steps to share research data and associated metadata arising from NHMRC supported research. (section 3.2, page 7)

The NHMRC advice is framed within a data management framework where data and the research project lifecycle are inextricably linked. NHMRC recognizes that there may be constraints on some data sets (e.g. sensitive data) but that many of these can be treated with certain techniques and shared (and reused) subsequently.

ARC and data

The funding rules for schemes commencing in 2017 and 2018 outline Australian Research Council (ARC) data management and data sharing requirements (Section A11.5), as well as the budget items supported for data (Section 5.2).

Section A11.5.3 strongly encourages all researchers applying for funding to have an ORCID identifier in their RMS Profile.

The ANDS Guide: ARC applications - filling in the data management section is intended for those who are applying for an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant that requires that you provide an outline of your data management plan.

The Discovery Program Funding Agreement for schemes commencing in 2017 and 2018 also contains key reporting and data management requirements.

ANDS support for ARC and NHMRC data policies

ANDS is well placed to actively assist individual institutions with the ARC and NHMRC policies on data management and sharing. ANDS offers consultancies, one-on-one advice and virtual meetings with those staff who work with ARC applications in their institution (e.g. Research Office and Library staff).

If you are a researcher we advise you to contact your local Research Office as they are best informed on local arrangements.

International funding perspectives



  • Browse data sharing requirements by Federal Agency: a community resource for tracking, comparing, and understanding both current and future U.S. federal funder research data sharing policies. Joint project of SPARC and Johns Hopkins University Libraries.

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