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A1. (meta)data are retrievable by their identifier using a standardised communications protocol

DOIs, Handles and IGSNs (all services provided by the ARDC) are persistent identifiers that provide a straightforward mechanism for retrieval of data and metadata by identifiers over a standardised communications protocol (http(s) in this case).

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A1.1. the protocol is open, free, and universally implementable

If the data and metadata are retrievable via a webpage then it is available using a standardised communications protocol (either http or its secure counterpart https). There are many open, free, and universally implementable protocols for the transmission of (meta)data. But if proprietary software is required, or if documentation of the protocol is not freely available, then the principle is not met.

A common mechanism for making (meta)data retrievable would be an open API. See Thing 19 - APIs and apps (within 23 (research data) things) for more information.

Many disciplines have domain-standard protocols for the retrieval of (meta)data. See Geospatial data and metadata for a domain specific example.

A1.2. the protocol allows for an authentication and authorisation procedure, where necessary

Particularly in the case where data (and sometimes their metadata) are sensitive, authentication and authorisation may be necessary.

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A2. metadata are accessible, even when the data are no longer available

A DOI or Handle should continue to resolve to a metadata landing page, whether the data persists or not.

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