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Publishing and reusing data

  • Publishing data

    Sharing information with Research Data Australia or discipline-specific portals and repositories

  • Data reuse

    Sharing and enabling reuse of data to promote innovation and potential new data uses

  • Licensing and copyright for data reuse

    Attaching a licence or reuse notice to data plus institutional policies and procedures

  • Data in education

    Creating new skills and roles to meet the growing demand for a data savvy workforce

  • Data discovery and access

    Making data discoverable and accessible before it can be reused

  • Data and journals

    Exploring policies around the sharing or publication of data underlying journal manuscripts

  • Data visualisation

    Using visualisation tools to analyse, understand and connect research data

  • Linking data with Scholix

    Scholix is a global initiative to improve links between scholarly literature and research data

  • Data provenance

    Data provenance documents where a piece of data comes from and the process and methodology by which it is produced