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Why do journals need data policies?

An increasing number of journals are implementing policies and procedures that require published articles to be accompanied by the underlying research data. These policies support initiatives that allow for replication and verification of authors’ published claims.

Journal policies on research data and related materials such as software code are an important part of the shift toward reproducible research. They support, and in some cases have driven, statements, mandates and principles issued by research funders, governments and scientific societies around the world.

ANDS has developed a Research data for journal editors Guide. This guide is intended to provide a starting point for editors considering developing or improving data policies for their journals.

Research data for journal editors Guide

What should a data policy include?

The guide outlines 10 elements to consider in developing or refining a data policy:

How can ANDS help?

  • The ANDS website and the Journal Editors guide offer advice on issues around data management.
  • ANDS is a co-chair of the Research Data Alliance Interest Group on Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation focusing on journal data policies.
  • ANDS is coordinating various events that bring together publishers, editors, data facility providers, domain experts and researchers.
  • ANDS offers a point of contact for journal editors and publishers seeking advice on the creation or enhancement of a data availability policy.