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Publication and management of Social Science data is gaining wider credence to reflect shifts in government data and journal policies, funder preferences and the recognition that key research outputs include data, workflows, software and grey literature.

The resources on this page are designed to support those in the Social Sciences to take advantage of the growing body of data publication and data management opportunities.

A good starting point for understanding common issues around this topic is the Data sharing and data management in the Social Sciences slide deck by James Banks of the University of Manchester and Institute for Fiscal Studies (2015).

Data policies for Social Science Journals

Most major journal publications now have a data policy which aim to provide linkages between the article and the supporting data. General information on data journal policies can be accessed from the ANDS Data and Journals page and the ANDS Research Data for Journal Editors Guide.

Preparing Social Science data for publication

These two guides offer step by step advice on preparing Social Science data for publication:

Social Science data repositories and portals

These repositories and portals offer large numbers of Social Science published datasets and collections:

Data management and reuse

Many groups offer specific Social Science data management support and materials, including:

Australian funders of Social Science research

The Discovery Program Funding Agreement for schemes commencing in 2017 and 2018 contains key reporting and data management requirements. See section 40.6 for Social Science datasets: data should be lodged with the Australian Data Archive.

Data citation for the Social Sciences

Data citation is now accepted scholarly practice in many disciplines. Social Science researchers should check the Information for Submitters section of journals for updated details on how to cite datasets.

ANDS webinars on this topic

Managing provenance in the Social Sciences (15 Mar 2017)

Managing and publishing sensitive data in the Social Sciences (29 Mar 2017)