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23 (research data) Things


23 (research data) Things is here, now, for you!

Anyone can do 23 (research data) Things at any time.  Do them all, do some, cherry-pick the Things you need or want to know about. Do them on your own, or get together a Group and share the learning.  The program is intended to be flexible, adaptable and fun!

Each of the 23 Things offers a variety of learning opportunities with activities at three levels of complexity: ‘Getting started’, ‘Learn more’ and ‘Challenge me’. All resources used in the program are online and free to use.

The 23 Things are designed to build knowledge as the program progresses, so if you’re new to the wonderful world of research data management, we suggest you start with Things 1-3 and then decide where you want to go from there.

What is 23 (research data) Things?

23 (research data) Things is self-directed learning for anybody who wants to know more about research data. "Things" is a neat concept for creating packaged content on any topic.

23 (research data) Things is an adaptation of previous 23 Things programs including:

Find out more: read the FAQs

Repurposing 23 (research data) Things

  • Top 10 Health and Medical Things is an opportunity to explore issues surrounding management of research data, specifically for people working with medical, clinical and health data.
  • 23 (research data) Things re-purpose toolkit is now available. You can:
    • adapt it for your situation
    • adopt it as suggested training for all staff
    • contextualise it for your discipline
    • extend or contract it to meet your specific research data knowledge needs

Things: online and hands-on workshop exercises

"Things" are a useful format for covering a range of concepts in short courses, or for do-it-yourself online training. Use the exercises as they are in your training and teaching, encourage people to cherry pick things they want to know or link to the many online training courses which are scattered throughout all the Things course listed below.

Note the repurpose toolkit which allows you to download the skeleton course and add your own domain or institution references.

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